Uniting Agewell Enterprise Agreement

Welcome to the Synod`s Intranet page, which explains the 2018 global employment contract for the laity. The current agreement applies to lay people employed by the Synod at one of the following sites: Uniting AgeWell Enterprise Agreement Tasmania 2018 – 2022 Bupa Bupa Aged Care South Hobart Staff Agreement 2018 Variation Medea Park Association General Staff Agreement 2019 Nurses Agreement 2016 Conventional opinion, most people buy their cars directly or receive a car on funding. With Novated Lease Vehicles, you can now pay for your car and save a lot of money while including all your running costs, this convenience is literally at your fingertips. Uniting AgeWell Casual employees can only access payroll packaging through Living Expense or Meal Entertainment Cards. Feel free to contact Paywise if you have any questions. .