Seed Investment Agreement Sample

Startup lawyers avoid standard seed-investor deals because it makes their role less important. The reason startup lawyers usually discredit such standardized contracts is because of their simplicity. Complex clauses are not only included in contracts to justify the participation of the lawyer, but also to prevent problems from arising in the future. The main task of the lawyer in such an agreement is not to write the contract, but to advise at each stage of the hearing. Another widespread misunderstanding is that standardized seed investor agreements open up the legal field to all. While it is true that some parts of the law are becoming automated and easier for the general public to understand, the law remains a complex field, and it is always advisable to call on a professional who will accompany you on your way. This is a simple roadmap for use when a startup draws capital from seed investors in Southeast Asia. When writing, it is important that the founder has clear things in mind: in general, founders agree to grant angels reporting rights adapted to the nature of their investment, provided that the execution of commitments does not significantly affect the pursuit of the startup`s goals. And if a start-up has found the right kind of angel investor who could bring added value to the company, the founders will gladly hire these angels. A seed-investor agreement refers to a document that clearly defines the conditions of a given investment. Its length varies between one and five pages and it is usually a non-binding document….