Apple Store Distribution Agreement

However, it is less to be expected that this license will include Apple`s right to use snippets of an application in its advertising materials (unless the developer warns Apple that the developer itself does not own these rights due to the embedded intellectual property of third parties). Initially, the license agreement is for a period of one year. However, the agreement is automatically renewed for successive terms of one year, provided that a developer pays the current registration fee for the following year. Application submission. You can choose to send us all applications that meet the requirements of the agreement. While an application is available for distribution, forward all fixes, patches, and other updates to the applications, as well as all product information, as soon as they become available. You ensure that all of your content complies with this agreement and the applicable program policy. For any content that requires a license key or other piece of data that an end user must use to use or access the functionality of an application (a “license key”), provide license keys upon request in a format we have specified. When you publish to the Apple App Store, you must create a developer account. An Apple Developer account costs US$99 per year and your app must be verified by Apple before it is available on the App Store. The terms of this schedule apply when you submit an app for sale, distribution, or promotion through the program. Generally speaking. This Agreement may only be amended in writing if it has been signed by both Parties or if it is provided for in Section 15 above.