Alarm Monitoring Service Agreement

Please note that this document is the copyright of ASIAL and can only be used by current ASIAL members. It must not be reproduced and/or modified in a format without ASIAL`s written permission. The ASIAL Alarm Monitoring Service Agreement is a generic example agreement. It does not constitute legal advice and cannot correspond to your business or a particular situation. You should be advised yourself on suitability for your needs. Last updated: May 2019 20. AMENDMENT AND WAIVER. This agreement can only be changed in a letter we have signed. The amendments that we inform and publish on the company`s website at the address are considered documents that we have signed Each amendment to this Agreement takes effect immediately if it is published on the company`s website and your continued use of the Services after the publication of an amendment constitutes your consent to the amendment and your consent to the amendment.

The ASIAL Alarm Monitoring Service Agreement was designed as an agreement between an alarm installation company and its customer. When providing monitoring services, it is worth having a written agreement with the terms of the service you provide. This is an electronic form that contains fields for your client`s data and the services you will provide them. This agreement can also be adapted with your company logo. 9. THE FORCE ENTRY AND THE ALARMS OF INACTIVITY. You agree and acknowledge that if an alarm is received by the Centre and an answering machine is sent to the location of the device, if the answering machine needs a key, code or other means to access such a location that is not available for that answering machine, it may enter or trigger forcefully at that location if the answering machine finds that it is necessary at its discretion. You understand that this can result in damage or injury to you or to a third party or property that belongs to you or a third party. YOU CLICK ON ANY CLAIM AGAINST THE U.S. OR ANY ANSWERING MACHINE THAT IS THE RESULT OF THE BREAK-IN OR FORCED ENTRY SEARCH, AND YOU HEREBY AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS, INDEMNIFY AND DEFEND US, THE CENTER, THE RESPONDER AND ANY OF OUR OR THEIR AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES FOR ANY LOSSES INCURRED BY US OR THEM IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH FORCED ENTRY YOU RECOGNIZE THAT THIS COMMISSION WILL CHARGE YOU SIGNIFICANT NSEN IN THE EVENT THAT THE COMPANY, THE CENTER, THE ANSWERING MACHINE AND/OR ONE OF OUR AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES IS REQUIRED TO PAY, OR PAY ONE IN THREE FOR THE SEARCH FOR THE PERSON OR PERSON.

4. SURVEILLANCE SERVICE. The device is connected to the center`s monitoring network. If an emergency signal is received by the aircraft, the Centre will do everything in its power to contact you immediately and, if the Centre finds it necessary to properly assess it, inform the appropriate emergency services (firefighters, police, emergency services, etc.). (together the “responders” and each a “Responder”). You state that the emergency contact information you make available to the company is correct. To avoid false alarms, the centre can first call your contact phone number to check for a real emergency before contacting an answering machine. If the centre has reason to believe that there is no real emergency, the centre may decide not to make such a call or to notify an answering machine.