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The whole agreement clause indicates that the agreement records all the rights and obligations of the parties in toto. If other conditions have been agreed between the parties prior to the conclusion of this contract, the parties are free to mention them in this agreement.19 Therefore, the entire clause of the contract generally replaces all previous agreements that were not expressly included in that agreement. In the case of Neelkanth Mansions and Infrastructucts Private Limited and Ors. v. Urban Infrastructure Ventures Capital Limited and Ors.20 did not allow Bombay High Court to provide oral evidence and to find that the entire purpose agreed between the parties was only included in the shareholders` agreement, since the shareholder contract does not relate to any conditions of the endorsement agreement. On the other hand, “boilerplate” clauses are clauses that serve as a general starting point for a contract. A comprehensive agreement clause is intended to ensure that all conditions relating to the rights and obligations of the parties are defined in a single document that replaces all previous negotiations and agreements. The purpose of such a clause is to prevent the contracting parties from relying on statements or statements during negotiations in order to assert that they have agreed to something other than what is provided for in the treaty at the time of a dispute. A single contract clause may be amended as follows: The entire contractual clause does not affect the correction and allows the parties to provide extrinsious evidence that a clause has been omitted and that the contract should be rectified.14This is contrary to the law of Section 92 subject to the IEA.14 Verbal evidence may be admitted for correction of typographical errors. , real and accidental errors, such as a mischaracterization of the properties15 But they cannot be admitted for the modification of the entire contract.16Tha is however free to allow the Court to give oral evidence of a mutual error of fact in order to alter the terms of contract.17 Oral evidence is also admissible if the error is due to an innocent misrepresentation.18 As with other clauses that relate to or incorporate your other legal constructs.18 , links are also available for these agreements.