Tohatsu Honda Agreement Martin Sanders, Managing Director of Honda Motor Europe Power Equipment, said: “This link is not new with Tohatsu, Honda Marine has a historic business relationship with Tohatsu in Japan and cooperative relationships with dealers in the United States. This new agreement is an extension of this existing relationship. This initiative will be an opportunity to expand and strengthen Honda`s naval operations and support our future operations. For more information visit In an official statement, the U.S. division of Honda Marine, based in Georgia, confirmed the agreement, but said little else about development. “Starting in 2014, Tohatsu brand Honda outboard engines will be sold internationally through the Tohatsu dealer network in a number of countries,” he said. Honda Motor Company announced today that it has entered into an agreement to supply Honda outboard engines with Honda outboard engines from 60 hp to 250 hp. These are offered for sale worldwide under the brand to Tohatsu and tohatsu Produkttyling. See also the August 2013 press release: releases/tohatsu20802.pdf “We are very proud of our new relationship with Honda,” Kaneko wrote in a letter with a Tokyo, Japan, On July 31, 2013, Dateline to Tohatsu Distributors. “By adding these large outboard engines, Tohatsu will now be able to offer a full range of outboard devices from 2.5 hp to 250 hp and allow us to expand our global network of distributors/resellers” by: Ultimate Bulletin Board, Freeware Version 2000Purchase our Licensed Version – which adds many more features! © Infopop Corporation (formerly Madrona Park, Inc.), 1998-2000.

Since honda Marine`s inception in 1964, Honda has been committed to providing consumers with four-stroke outboard engine technology, with high fuel efficiency, quiet operation and low emissions, with legendary durability, quality and reliability. In 2011, Tohatsu and Evinrude Outboard Motors entered into an agreement to manufacture smaller engines of 15 hp and from 15 hp with Evinrude decals. [12] Honda has shown that they can drop a product like a snake bag and it`s kind of stitches after a while, but they work really well if you have one. Its a business by First Hand Experience, I find that, in fact, gives you a true accurate well-tested product. As a buyer, I really appreciate it. In another CW thread, a poor guy has a seal that is pulled into a new engine only a few years ago and his accessories fall off. . Tohatsu produces outboards sold under their own brand as well as for other companies. Thus, all Nissan outboard engines sold in North America were Tohatsus with a Nissan sticker. In 1988, Tohatsu and Brunswick Corporation established a joint venture called Tohatsu Marine Corporation. [10] [11] Eight tohatsu speedboat models will be delivered by Honda from 2014. There is no mention of Honda`s legacy of this engine, but it seems to be a twin of the Honda BF-250 in all respects except color and disguise.

Compare with the rumors, they are in talks with a ZF 9HP [a nine-speed automatic transmission from manufacturer ZF]. I doubt that`s true. An agreement would have failed, perhaps because of pressure and possible violations of Chrysler`s licenses. The production and sale of motorcycles began in 1950. In 1955, tohatsu brought aggressive growth. The capital increased to 150 million yen and production began on a new engine line. Sales offices have been set up in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Sendai and Sapporo. Traders have been created throughout Japan. What will happen to Honda/Tohatsu`s outboard engine supply when Honda Automotive decides to switch from V6 engines in its cars to smaller turbo engines I4? I doubt that Honda Marine alone has enough volume to maintain the production line of the V6 power head while being competitive in terms of price.