St Michael`s Collegiate School (Teachers) Enterprise Agreement 2020

Ted is one of the leading advocates of educational policies in the United States, which promote creativity, innovation, motivation and purpose. He knows what skills are valuable in a world of innovation and how to transform our schools to prepare children for their future. His contributions include… Lori is a librarian with more than 25 years of experience in Australia and abroad, at school (K-12) and in public libraries. As part of her teaching, Lori has worked in the well-being of students and as an annual coordinator. Lori is currently a librarian at Lake Tuggeranong College (Yr 11-12)… Glenn is currently undergoing his HRD research on youth curiosity in learning sciences and has nearly 30 years of experience in education. He has taught in primary and secondary education in metropolitan, regional and distance education. Among the roles in these schools were… The work of staff, health and safety are essential for all aspects of our school life. Our people, culture and security team provides systems and support to all our superiors and collaborators to ensure that the safety of staff and students is managed proactively and to the highest possible standards. Gerard Houlihan has more than two decades of experience in training with qualifications in science, psychology, business, arts and school leadership, with advisory roles for the VCAA and other educational institutions.

Gerard places a strong emphasis on the holistic and innovative applications of… Our “Pre-kindergarten to Year 12” academic program is implemented through the Early Years Framework, the Australian Curriculum and the Office of Tasmanian Assessment and Standards Certification Body. Our learning and development experience for students is fostered by a general structured pastoral program. Teachers have an obligation to teach across different groups and skill levels, to teach thematic content, to provide timely and valuable information and evaluations, to maintain evaluation reports and to write student progress reports. The city of Hobart and its surroundings offer locals a relaxed lifestyle and amenities in the city. Our school is located in a beautiful and central position just outside of hobart CBD. Ann has worked for 24 years in underprivileged schools in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. For the past six years, she has been principal of Lithgow High School. The Lithgow High School team worked tirelessly to create fast educational programs for all students. The emphasis is on… Most employees are employed under one of two enterprise agreements that offer attractive salaries compared to other state and independent schools in Tasmania. Pasi Sahlberg is a Finnish educator and author who has worked as a teacher, teacher, researcher and political advisor in Finland and has studied education systems, analysed education policy and advised education reforms around the world.

He wrote a lot and talked about it… St Michael`s Collegiate School is an independent Independent Anglican Boarding School for girls. The Collegiate is located on three sites and has an enrollment of about 700 students between the first years of learning until the age of 12. Our staff consists of approximately 80 teachers, as well as valuable support from corporate staff, teaching assistants, support and auxiliary staff. Peter`s strength lies in transformative insights and the implementation of important educational, organizational and cultural changes in schools. Peter`s expertise extends to change management, student entrepreneurship, one-on-one learning, alternative pathways to higher education and support for… Holly Godfree “slipped” into a school library in 2006 and was awarded the Australian Teacher Librarian Award by the Australian Library Association in 2019. Holly is committed to local and national efforts to improve the supply of school libraries. She has published articles…

Matthew Newell is the principal of Glenm State High School