Rebranding Agreement Sample

So you`ve chosen to rename your business. Or you just heard our podcast episode about rebranding. What are you doing? What steps do you need to take to protect your brand and business from the myriad pitfalls of rebranding an existing company or product? The customer wants to associate the creation of a new logo with the introduction of a new corporate rebranding. In concrete terms, the customer wants to add a new primary logo to new logos and graphics for his product range – and extend this new branding to new marketing materials that he wants to create for several direct emission campaigns with his product lines. Particular attention will be paid to the graphic design of the customer`s products as individual and separate units and not to share common elements between the brand image. The scale of your rebranding efforts varies greatly depending on your business. A rebranding could be as simple as optimizing your existing logo to make it look more modern. Or maybe your business has grown to offer new services and additional services, and you want your brand to reflect your increased presence in the market. Rebranding may be necessary because you have not protected your original business. We have implemented a variety of design models and color palettes based on our conversation with you. We can mix different basic colors and free colors to find a combination that works best for this project.

No outsourcing or outsourcing. Our proposal for the project is attached, including an overview of the costs of the ABC Capital Ventures rebranding campaign. Our estimates are based on our interview with you and outline the project specifications as we currently understand them. The aim is to combine the creation of a new logo with the introduction of a new corporate rebranding. First, you need to do a complete brand search to make sure that your new brand doesn`t violate another company`s registered intellectual property, or worse, that it`s already taken your company name. At Potter Designs, we do all your work in the home with our own experienced designers to ensure the quality and control of the files our customers need. This means that your files and formats are always kept and you will never have to worry about losing files or bad formats for your files or other needs now or in the future. No standard liability.

First of all, registering your trademarks is much cheaper than losing all the business will you built under your original brand. . For example, your corporation was created as “Larry`s Landscaping, LLC.” But after equipping so many of your customers` pools, you decided to offer pool installation and maintenance services under the separate entity “Shangri-La Pools and Landscapes”. A DBA designation is an affordable and effective option to achieve this goal. If you`re doing a rebrand, there are two things every entrepreneur should do before embarking on an expensive marketing system. Launch of the project – receipt of the depot – all customers provided materials and resources needed the maintenance of completed customer design.