Psac Table 3 Collective Agreement

Employees have access to the collective agreement in both official languages via the Ministry of Finance secretariat`s website, in an accessible format that takes into account disabilities and enjoys the benefits of an electronic document, such as research functions. B and the ability to copy and insert e-mail messages or other documents. The proposal also provides for a linguistic clarification of wage protection, which would continue to apply as long as the worker receives the appropriate recruitment notice, as well as details of the circumstances leading to the end of wage protection, which are in accordance with Schedule I (in red) of the collective agreement. The employer argues that the current definition of the PA collective agreement, which applies to family rights, is clearly comparable to what is found in most collective agreements within the CPA. The bargaining representative also requested that the number of paid leave for family tasks be increased from 37 decimal hours (37.5), similar to other CPA collective agreements, to 56 hours and a quarter (56.25), which significantly increases the amount of current leave. 21.04 Without prejudice to the position the employer or Alliance wishes to take in the future on whether to regulate collective agreements, the themes that can be defined for joint consultation are dealt with with the agreement of the parties. 49.01 The employer recognizes the usefulness of training leave. At the written request of the worker and with the employer`s consent, a worker may be entitled to unpaid training leave for different periods of up to one (1) renewable year by mutual agreement to go to an accredited educational institution in an area of education where preparation is necessary to better fulfill the current role of the worker or to conduct studies in a field to provide a service that the employer needs. or plans to make them available.

25.XX The employer cannot change day workers from shift workers or turn shift workers into day workers without mutual agreement between the employer and the alliance. In the last round of negotiations, the employer`s proposal was included in other collective agreements, such as. B as the Financial Management Groups (FI), Audit, Commerce and Purchasing (AV), Health Services (SH) and Electronic (EL). to address the differences between the aforementioned collective agreements and the working conditions of workers who, during the implementation of collective agreements, are transferred from other public sector units in these collective agreements. The negotiation delegate proposes to add the duration of mandatory training for several days to initial recruitment and at regular intervals every two years. This article was first included in the PA Group collective agreement during the last round of negotiations, signed in June 2017.