Melbourne Grammar Enterprise Agreement

Public transport to the front door. Our main school and Wadhurst campus are located near the heart of Melbourne CBD on St Kilda Road. They are easily accessible by public transport, with several trams stopping in front of the school. The subway tunnel will soon provide a station at the front of our campuses on St. Kilda Road. Incredible facilities and outstanding work environments Locations currently available at Melbourne Grammar School are listed here. Explicit training for new and emerging leaders at Melbourne Grammar School is a place where employees find the goal in their work. On our three campuses, teachers and general staff are proud to offer Year 12 students an exceptional educational experience. Access to experts in teaching and learning strategies, psychologists and other health professionals on campus, as well as other relevant areas, help to participate in external professional development opportunities, such as conferences and training, both locally and internationally. We want staff to be able to focus on their core work.

Our meeting culture prioritizes efficiency and we try to limit unnecessary engagement in activities that are not part of the core business. a healthy, active and collegial approach to the exchange of wisdom, experience and knowledge of the school of shared values of excellence and collegiality. People who have a rigorous and collaborative approach to education are attracted and retained. all new teachers are assisted by a mentor to help them get to school and work towards their initial professional goals. We employ people who passionately shape the future of our students. Our employees are motivated by the school`s sense of community and inclusion, as well as our consistent standards of excellence. We are looking for people who enjoy a high level of performance and are willing to make their unique mark on our school and the students who are there. Working at Melbourne Grammar School is an opportunity for good professional growth in an environment characterized by shared values and a sense of intentionality both within and outside the classroom.