Atomic Energy Act 123 Agreement

The President first referred to China`s “ambitious plans” for “a considerable number of nuclear power plants”. He referred to China`s steps to “clarify” its policy of non-proliferation and nuclear export, including Prime Minister Zhao`s statement, but Reagan did not mention the prC`s practices. He referred to bilateral “discussions” and not statements or agreements and stated that “we can wait” for China`s policy of not assisting a non-nuclear weapons state to acquire nuclear explosives to be implemented in a manner consistent with basic non-proliferation practices. The Nuclear Weapons Spread Act 2019 would require the President to provide Congress with any credible evidence that the cooperating government does not have a program by any kind peaceful or in cases where the cooperating country has violated international standards for the use of weapons of mass destruction. In addition, the bill asks for information on whether the host country has committed to wait for enrichment and reprocessing and whether it has committed to implementing an additional protocol (PA) to the IAEA safeguard agreement. The PA is an endorsement of a country`s protection agreement with the IAEA, which gives the Agency greater authority and freedom of action in carrying out its security and verification mandate. The inclusion of the PA requirement is that it would ensure that a country cooperating with the United States gives the IAEA access and information on all of its nuclear fuel cycle activities. It would allow the IAEA to conduct short-term inspections, conduct additional access visits and collect environmental samples beyond the declared sites where deemed necessary. Many nations that develop or develop nuclear programs do not have a 123 agreement with the United States to conclude these deals for U.S. companies. Saudi Arabia and Mexico, for example, want to expand their nuclear programs, but none of them have 123 agreements with the United States. If the UK leaves the European Union in 2019 (and therefore EURATOM), there will be no more agreement 123 between the United States and the United Kingdom.