Alliant Energy Interconnection Agreement

How are we going to get there? With a strong strategy that encompasses renewable and highly efficient energy sources. Call our hotline 1-800-972-5325 to let us know that you want to connect an electrical system to our distribution system. We help you find the right application and arrangements based on the facilities you want to install and connect to our system. Utility Roadmaps West Monroe Partners has worked directly with several regional utilities to develop roadmaps to improve network communication/measurement processes. Below are links to the technology, regulation and process recommendations. General recommendations can be made here. Municipal services are owned by a government unit and operate under the control of a publicly elected body, while co-operatives are private utilities incorporated by law to operate on property and in business for those who use their service. The benefits of cooperative utilities are used for procurement or returned to the customer rate base. Finally, alternative electricity suppliers do not generate electricity themselves, but act as companies that buy and sell electricity in a competitive market. The treatment of different utility models by condition varies in the IL-MN-WI region. All utilities, including municipal utilities and power cooperatives, are subject to interconnection and grid meter rules established by the State of Minnesota. Wisconsin regulates investor owners and municipal plants, while Illinois regulates electricity distribution companies and alternative electricity retail suppliers.

Overview: Although the Stadtwerke Commission has the ability for each state to impose interconnection rules, most states follow the guidelines set out in THE LAC agreements and procedures on small generators. These guidelines are reviewed and adopted from state to state. Source: FERC Order 792 2013 Review By investing in energy efficiency upgrades, you can reduce the total amount of energy you consume. It also reduces the size and cost of the solar installation you need to install. This configuration requires the installation of a second meter and the customer is responsible for setting up and installing all the necessary devices to accommodate the second meter. Entities must comply with all local, national and national codes, rules and rules, including the standard Wisconsin state interconnection requirements. All renewable energy (CEC) and other environmental attributes generated by the system during the 10-year contract belong to the distribution company. Registration is offered on a first-come basis, first served until program limits are met. The addition of a wind turbine, photovoltaic installation, microturbine or fuel cell to your home or business and connection to the Alliant Energy distribution system is called interconnection. This process focuses on safe installation. We are responsible for immediately implementing the steps listed below and executing all the steps and delays necessary to process your login application.

Decentralized generation (DG) refers to electricity generated near or near where it is used. Distributed solar energy can be found on rooftops or on the ground and is generally connected to the local supply network. States, cities and municipalities are experimenting with measures to promote distributed solar energy, offset peak electricity needs and stabilize the local grid.